Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Confident Uncertainty

I am becoming more and more
comfortable with uncertainty.
For so many years, I wanted to know
just how everything was going to work out.
And so I adhered to certain “formulas"
to make sure nothing went wrong.

Then life started happening in ways
that I didn’t expect that it would.
I was grounded in the fact that
if I did X, I would get Y.
So when Y didn’t happen, I began
questioning everything that was X.
Unmet expectations mess up the way we see.

Expectations are often based on formulas:
I do this and that happens. 
But the Bible isn’t a book about formulas;
it is a book about Love.
Love God and love your neighbor.
Let mercy triumph over judgment.
Clothe yourselves with compassion, 
kindness, gentleness and humility.

When we focus on doing X so that
we get Y, we can also believe that 
people not doing X will never get Y.
We can begin to believe there is only a 
particular way of doing certain things.
So we get judgmental. Superior.
We forget about Love.

Others' decisions are going to look different  
from the ones we make. They’re supposed to.
We do the best we can and trust that God
is good even if we, or they, get it wrong.
If love and mercy and care and
compassion and gentleness guide us,
then we can accept all the challenges 
confronting us in life, all the differences 
we encounter, and all the uncertainty
we face every single day.
It’s called faith in the goodness of God
and trust that He works all things
together for good.

It’s not a formula, but it works every time.

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