Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What Love Does

My commandment is this—
to love one another.  John 15

Jesus commands us to love others:
Christians, neighbors, enemies.
"Love others like you love yourself."
We can only do this if we know His love.
Left to itself, our larger than life ego 
will always want to be all we need.

Most of Jesus’ teachings address the ego.
Don't be judgmental, angry, or greedy.
Don’t seek revenge or withhold forgiveness.
Love doesn't look like any of these.
Love isn't rude, angry, puffed up, 
self-serving or resentful.

Sometimes we go through a season of
brokenness where the ego has nothing to offer.
Brokenness doesn't feed the ego.
It doesn’t lead to a greater desire to judge,
criticize, preach, or be verbally aggressive.
It leads to a greater desire to be 
gracious, merciful, and kind.

Because during these seasons, we are 
sustained by His love, mercy, and kindness.
It's all we know. And it is enough.
None of us deserves the grace, 
mercy, and kindness that is Christ.
We get it anyway. 
It’s what love does.
We are living today in a broken world,
one in desperate need of love.
Oh that we might see our own broken,
and allow the love of Christ to be all we need.
Our desire to represent that love to others might
 just shut down some of the loud, opinionated,
and angry ego running wild in culture today.

His command is this: love one another.

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