Friday, July 29, 2016

When It Doesn't Look Like Summer

Sometimes we go into a season where
God allows “things" to be stripped away.
And, sometimes, that happens in the middle
of summer, where we seem out of sync 
with the world around us. 

I want to bloom, I want to flourish, 
I want to see what I expected to see.
Instead, all I know is that I’m not feeling
anything like the summer around me. 

Sometimes strength isn't bold and bright.
Sometimes it's quiet and barren.
Because that's what strength 
in weakness can look like.
It’s a quiet voice that says, 
“Don’t give up. I will cause you
to bloom again. It is called My Mercy."

Mercy, grace, and love are the
truest things I know right now--
and He is using them to "life" me.
Maybe a bloom will pop on a cold
winter day when everything else is waiting. 
The resurrection happened once,
that it might happen every single day.
So I feel a little out of sync, a little broken,
a little afraid of the quiet, a little vulnerable.
I choose to trust that He’s got this--
barren places will bloom again.

I focus on the beauty all around me.
 Summer is really not a bad season
to be going through winter.