Sunday, June 12, 2016

When "Reality" Strikes

Most of us know that we need to 
keep our thoughts positive.
But sometimes, our eyes are 
staring reality in the face, and
we see things that say otherwise.

Some days the loss, struggle, illness, 
disappointment or failure are all we can see.
On these days, it can be hard to require
our weary minds to see differently.

When our circumstances overwhelm us,
our focus must funnel to this present moment.
We mishandle the gift of this moment when
we cross the borders into the past or future.
We have to fence in our thoughts--
NOW is the only dimension they may go.

When we stay within the borders of NOW,
we can stand in the eye of any storm.
The Holy Spirit always leads us beside
the still waters of this present moment.
And, here, our eyes see clearly and
our thoughts become right.
NOW is the only safe dimension, 
and we must choose it all day long.
When "reality" strikes, we must make
adjustments to ensure we are standing in 
the sacred stillness of this present moment.

 God deals out joy 
in the present, in the now.
Ecc 5:19 (Message)

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