Monday, May 23, 2016

The Yes In Us

All God’s promises are stamped with the
Yes of Jesus. In Him...God’s Yes and 
our Yes together. God puts His Yes within us.
 2Cor 1:20
When we look face-on into a promise of God,
our only option must be to add our Yes. 
He put His Yes within us. It must come out.

The world we live in says that
No is the more realistic option.
Everyday, the negativity around us
makes it hard to focus on Yes.
So God tells us to think about things
that are good, pure, honorable, lovely.

This protects the Yes within us and
keeps us in integrity, or wholeness. 
When I am off somewhere,
it's because a murmuring No 
is fighting with an unwavering Yes.

He says Yes to this moment, to hope, 
peace, strength, healing, provision.
To His love revealed in Christ. To grace.
Is that what I'm thinking?
We must guard our thoughts with all we got.
They are roadblocks between us and Yes.

Yes is a "road" word,
not exclusive to sacred spaces,
but for every now moment we are in.
That little word can be hard to hear
when focusing on tomorrow. 
But when we're present NOW,
we can more clearly hear the Yes within.

Our thoughts on the good. 
Our focus on the present.

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