Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Speaking to the Superpowers

"My circumstances cannot preach to me 
who God is." ~daily conversation, me to myself

Day after day circumstances try to preach.
My mind is always on the pulpit pointing out
all the challenges going on around me.
The conclusion is usually something 
about not being able to trust my God.

Like bionic superpowers,
my thoughts never take a second off;
"Here's what we think, how we feel,
what makes us mad, sad, and afraid."
They are up and running. All. Day. Long.

In the garden, Adam and Eve only knew good.
That's how God described everything.
When they ate off the tree of knowledge,
they were introduced to evil.
The word for evil, Ra’, doesn't just mean bad.
It carries the sense of misery, grief and sorrow.

God didn't want us exposed to all that,
but those consequences are permanent.
So we’re warned about our thoughts.
Ephesians 4:23 tells us clearly:
"If there is anything good...
think about these things."
God always intended us to know good.

If we sit under the tree of Ra', we can
get consumed with sorrow and misery.
But the Tree of Life gives us knowledge of
the pure, the lovely, the excellent, the good,
and we are to fix our thoughts here.
"Then the peace of God will be with you."
Our circumstances will never lead to
His peace. But thoughts fixed on His
goodness lead us there every time.

We must be the ones who say,
"Here is what we think today."
End of story.

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