Thursday, April 14, 2016

When a Community Shatters

I haven’t written much for Up is Better recently.
Let's just say this has been a challenging season.
When churches fall apart, we are left with  
shattered communities.
And shattered communities can walk around
with shattered hearts and shattered faith.

People say that if your faith is shattered 
because of a church, then your faith was
never in God. It was really in man.
That is simply not true. Not all the time anyway.

We were a group of people who loved Jesus,
and wanted to be expressions of His love.
We gave and gave all we had. We counted the cost
and decided there was nothing He didn’t deserve.

So when the community was shattered,
we didn’t just lose something peripheral.
We are wired for community.
We lost heart. We lost connection. 
We lost one another.
I can remember, as a child, being out in the ocean 
and a huge wave would come and take me under. 
I would be tossed, knocked upside down, 
held underwater by the sheer force,
and finally allowed to come up out of it all, 
gasping for breath. This has felt a lot like that.

I have had to “get out of the water" for a bit
to sit and recover from that all that tossing.
The good news is that these times cause you
to sort out what is true and what is Truth.

Jesus. His love, His mercy, and His grace.
These I know to be Truth.
He is so faithful to us, so patient and so kind.
He has sat "on the beach" with me the entire time.
His love is so real and I want to love like Him.

To those who have been reading Up is Better,
thank you for the number of times you have
blessed me with your encouragement and your love.
May His love and His mercy meet you today
everywhere you turn. 
He is faithful, patient, and so very kind.

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