Friday, April 29, 2016

The Next Moment

The next moment is as much beyond
our grasp and as much in God's care, 
as that of a hundred years away.
Care for the next moment 
is as foolish as care for the morrow...
The next moment is nowhere 
till God has made it.
George MacDonald

The principle of “not worrying
about tomorrow" applies to each
moment that has not yet arrived.
He holds each one in His hands
until its time is come.
Then He releases it to us. 

He has given us keys for next moments.
One is trust; the other is prayer.
Fear, anxiety, worry, and fussing
are not keys; they are thieves.
They rob the present.
The most beautiful thing I can do right now--
if there is nothing else I am to do--
is trust in the living God.
It makes the common holy
and the present sacred.
Trust is an expression of my love
for His eternal, moment by moment,
goodness in my life. 

The holy, sacred, present moment
is all that is ever guaranteed to me.
My prayers can help shape the 
next moment that He is creating.
My trust can shape the peace
that this moment is offering.

Grateful for this beautiful life, and
the goodness and mercy of our God. 

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