Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Anxiety Toss

You can throw the whole weight
of your anxieties upon Him,
for you are His personal concern. 1Pet. 5:7

We live in a world where the knowledge of
good and evil bombards us all day long.
A young mother is brutally murdered, 
another earthquake strikes, terrorist cells are
exposed, the political scene is a mess...
our kids, our finances, our careers, our health.
There are endless sources of anxiety
even if we try to avoid it with all we have.

But, there is also knowledge “too wonderful for us."
It comes from going to the tree of life.
We are each His personal concern!
Right now. With anxiety. Wrestling with our day.
He wants to be actively involved with us
getting rid of every anxious thought. 
He wants us to throw them to Him
that He might catch and carry them.
The incredible love of our Father wants us to
take what we can’t handle and throw it to Him.
The most loving things we can do--
both for ourselves and those who need to see
the love and peace of God work in real life--
is to toss the weight of our anxiety on Him.

The more mindful we are of our thoughts,
the faster we can throw the anxious ones to Him.
I am getting better at this, but it takes practice
and being aware of what I am thinking.
That muscle gets stronger each time I use it.

If I am not actively checking my thoughts,
I can get off pretty quickly. By like a mile.
"You are His personal concern."
That truth builds our trust, fuels our faith
and releases our peace.

I am putting that on repeat all day long.

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