Monday, March 7, 2016


"It is told of a saintly man,
that by his own request, 
the only epitaph on his grave 
was the word kept."
J R MillerSecrets of a Beautiful Life

That we are being kept by God 
is the miraculous, loving gift of grace.
He keeps us every moment of our day--
teaching us when we are at a loss,
giving us strength when we are weak,
lifting us up when we fall,
going after us when we wander,
and encouraging us when we lack hope.
So Christ sees what we might become,
and lavishes us with His infinite love and
gentleness to make all our potential possible.
This allows us to be fully alive 
regardless of what we are facing.

He takes what seems impossible to us
and makes it possible.
He not only helps us become,
He keeps us while in the process.
The miraculous loving gift of His grace. 

While I was with them,
I kept them....John 17:12