Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Just Try

...He rewards those who try to find Him.
Hebrews 11:6

A TV commercial shows a dad getting
upset because his son got
 a trophy just for participating.
Dad ripped that plate off
and wrote “Champion” in its place.

I get that. No one should just get a
trophy for just showing up. Should they?
Doesn’t it take value away from those who
do more than show up, who actually win?
Well, maybe they should and
maybe it doesn’t.

Maybe it more closely resembles God's way.
God doesn’t reward those who win.
Every day, He gives out rewards
for showing up and trying.

So many days, I try to find Him but
feel like I just somehow miss the mark.
I can feel “unsuccessful” in my seeking.
And, honestly, I can’t do formulas or 
get up just a little earlier for “quiet time."
I let out a faint whisper for help.
God, I have to find You today.

He could have said, I can't give you 
anything if you don’t find Me.
He is more Little League coach
than NFL commissioner.
We don't stand alone as He waits for us to win. 
He stands with us and rewards our trying. 
When we have fallen, 
when we are hurting, 
when we have wrestled, 
when we want to choose faith over doubt, 
showing up and trying is where 
courage beats fear. Every time. 

He rewards our trying.
That is the kindest, most gracious,
most merciful kind of love there is. 

1 comment:

  1. I love the Little League vs. NFL Commissioner visual! So well stated once again. Thank you for your encouragement to look past circumstances to the heart of God.