Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Seeing Nothing Means Nothing

By faith we understand that...
what we now see did not come
from anything that can be seen. Heb 3

I have been in the middle of a long season
where I just can’t see what God is doing.
It seems like nothing is happening, 
and nothing is what will come out of it all.
This verse reminds us that 
seeing nothing means nothing.

When God creates, He creates in another
dimension and then releases it into our own.
He asks us by faith to see it,
but we don’t see by looking aroud.

We see by believing--
believing He is always acting on our behalf,
believing He has for us a future and a hope,
believing He is always good and always
working all things together for good.
A believing eye sees what isn’t there.
A believing eye sees that He is 
always in the process of transforming,
regenerating, and renewing us
so we look more like His Son.
This is what we are often missing when
we are “looking” to see what He is doing.

In the middle of a story, we can get stuck
on a page, a scene, a character, an event.
But the author has already worked that out.
They are always moving the story along,
using everything that happens to build
not only a great story, but a great ending.

So I cant see anything right now,
which means nothing.
The whole universe came about during
a season where nothing could be seen.
My believing eye sees that He is 
trans-forming me through this story I am in,
which gives me assurance about the things
I cant seethe next page of this story.

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