Thursday, December 3, 2015

We Have Enough

"I am not being unfair to you, friend."
Matthew 20:13

In the parable of the vineyard workers,
those hired last received a full day’s wage.
When the owner called in those hired first,
they expected to be paid more.
They weren't, and they became discontent.

It appears they had been set up.
If they had been called in first,
they would have gone away satisfied.
But they were allowed to observe 
what the others received.

Oh, the problems that develop when
we look at what others get relative to us.
The employer could have made sure that
those workers didn’t see what the others got.
But he did it on purpose.
And hands that were content five minutes
earlier were suddenly discontent.  
In this day where everyone’s “blessings"
are posted and publicized,
we are often like those first hirelings.
Social media can set us up for comparison.
In the parable, comparison revealed the heart.
When we see the favor and blessings of others,
do we become discontent with our own scarcity?

“The opposite of scarcity is not abundance;
it is simply having enough."
Brene Brown, Rising Strong

This is a good season to remember that
we don’t need to have what others have;
we don't need to do what others do.
We have enough.

“He is not being unfair to us, friends."


  1. Oh so well said. Yep, comparison kills contentment and social media often is the chief weapon isn't it? Thank you for highlighting this! And may I suggest that you post a Up Is Better or Wide Angle Lens book review of that Brene Brown book? I would love to know what you think, I haven't had the time yet to read it. Or... lets discuss over a Local xoxo

  2. That's a good idea, Linda. Wide Angle is a great spot for a book review. Look forward to seeing you...even if just coffee:)