Monday, December 28, 2015

The Hot Sun

Frosty the snowman knew 
the sun was hot that day
So he said, Let's run and we'll have 
some fun now before I melt away.

A shift in the atmosphere can shift everything.
Frosty saw that “the sun was hot that day.”
And he knew...he knew the shape
of things was about to change.

I know this seems a far fetched Christmas analogy.
But that song somehow helped things make sense.
It's been a long challenging season of change.
I thought the "snowman thing" was going to last forever.
But seasons change. And so does the shape of life.
It looked one way. But the "hot sun" changed it up.
There's many of us in this season...
maybe a melting away of a dream,
relationship, career, community, hope.
Things look like they have melted away,
but really they're changing shape. 

If  the “hot sun” has changed things up,
we rejoice still. His goodness, His peace, 
His life come anew during this season.
In the shape of a babe, a Savior was born.
He is continually coming into the world;
He is continually changing the shape of things. 
It's called resurrection. 
The Easter promise born on Christmas day.

As seasons shift, the melted away things 
are not the end of the story. 
The entirety of hope came
in the shape of a babe.
And that changed the shape of everything.

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