Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving: Radically Defiant

Thanksgiving is a radically defiant day.
In the middle of a season defined 
by short days and long nights, by
things appearing to have lost all life,
by days that likely have seen 
pain, loss, and disappointment,
we sit around tables and give thanks--
for what we have and for who we have.
It is a symbolic day of declaration:
 grateful regardless of circumstances.
Sitting around the table being thankful
is a wonderfully defiant act.
Much in culture is the opposite of that spirit.
The new “pre-black Friday” trend, for example.
We step out of being grateful that our needs
have been satisfied to declaring that
our wants are found wanting.

Many say this is an attack on the family.
But even more it is an attack on gratitude,
on contentment, on peace.
No amount of “pre-black Friday” savings 
is worth compromising those.
Staying "seated" for an entire day
of Thanksgiving is such a good idea.

Whether we shop or don’t shop,
may we find ways to stay seated this season.
We cultivate thanksgiving in the quiet,
gratitude for the grace and mercy
He offers in abundance to all in need.
We never have to leave our place 
of rest to go in search of these.

"And always be thankful…" ~Col 3:15

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