Thursday, November 19, 2015

His Strength Equals My Days

And as your days are, 
so shall your strength, 
your rest and security, be.
~Deuteronomy 33:25

This promise assures us that we have
the right amount of strength for each day.
Strength is great, except that it often
comes through the doorway of weakness.
And although we know this verse by heart:
 “When I am weak, then I am strong,"
it is easier to recite than embrace. 
In reality, weakness often convinces
us that all is not well.

We can feel weakness creep in
when the valleys dont go away,
when drudgery seems insurmountable,
 when tasks are many and hours few,
when nothing looks like we thought,
when disappointment, failure, loss
or frailty overwhelm our hearts.

Our spirits must inform our minds that
appearances are not always honest.
There is strength for every day,
and not every day looks the same.
He has appropriated the right measure
of strength needed for each circumstance.
“As this day is, so will my strength be."
Oh my soul, trust Him in your weakness.
He has never let you down.
If you peek behind the wall of weakness, 
you find Him soldering together
strength, rest and security.
When these three are one, 
it looks a lot like peace.
We need some of that today.

His strength is fully grafted into this day.
My incredibly weak self finds
great peace in this gracious gift.

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