Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Extravagant Love

Observe how Christ loved us. 
His love was extravagant. 
He gave everything of Himself to us. 
Love like that.
Ephesians 5:2

When we strip it all away, 
the Christian life is about extravagant love.
As we enter this holy holiday season, 
I'm aware of how easily it gets
to be about everything else.
We can make everything out to be small
nit-picky pieces of things that don’t matter.
Like red cups and holiday words.

But it really is about extravagant love.
It’s about extravagant giving that has
little to do with money or material things, 
although love can, and often does, use both.

I understand the arguments about cups.
And maybe there is a bigger story.
But His love transcends all that; 
we have the Holy Spirit living in us.
As you love Me, I will love others through you.

Do I allow Him to love others through me?
No one is going into a certain coffee shop
to experience the love of Christ; 
that is not in their mission statement.
But Christians, filled with the Spirit,
can share that wherever we go.
We can show His love through a smile, through 
buying someone coffee, leaving a tip, giving a
sincere thank you, or a word of encouragement. 

Last holiday season, a woman
behind me in line bought my coffee.
It was’t that I needed her money.
But It had been a hard day,
and I sensed God smile at me through her.
I can't remember the design on my cup,
but I obviously remember the kindness
that pointed to His love for me. 

The one holding the cup has an ability 
to express the love that is Christmas.
It has nothing to do with the message 
or lack of message on the cup. 
It's about loving Him so that 
He might love others through us.

Let's argue about how to do that better. 

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