Thursday, November 5, 2015

Everyday Turbulence

"Hold me in Your arms and 
never let me go.
Show me that the storm
is already below.”
Alie Byland

Flying back from Jersey on a Saturday night,
the attendants were asked to be seated--
right in the middle of serving dinner. 
The pilot said, “There is a storm well below us,
but we may still hit some turbulence."
I am not a huge fan of flying,
and even less of turbulence, so I knew
I needed to find my place of peace.
Breathing in His presence and 
releasing anxiety helped me keep my focus.
It wasn’t long before the air was smooth again.

The next day, I heard the song above,
with the connection only 12 hours old.
The Lord reminded me that even when storms
are well below us, we may still feel the effects.
And they may produce an anxious heart.

Turbulence usually comes out of nowhere, 
in the middle of doing routine life.
Flying smoothly and then not so much.
It can be a few bumps or some serious rocking.
If we give in to fear, well, that can take over
pretty quickly. So we take our thoughts captive.
Taking our thoughts captive
is not a one-time thing.

Jesus helped the disciples with the waves;
He helped me with the wind.
"The wind and waves still know His name."
He always spoke in parables so that we
could make the application wherever it applied.
Not every minute of this day will be smooth.

The wind, the waves, the everyday 
moments of life…still know His name.
We steady our thoughts and keep our peace
while waiting for the turbulence to pass.
He is with us--
our great calm in the midst of any storm.

I will never leave you 
or let you be alone.

Hebrews 13:5

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