Thursday, October 22, 2015

That Yellow Sign

I am becoming more aware of the need to
"life" my thoughts. Minute by minute.
I have found myself in drainage ditches 
a few too many times. 
And they are hard to get out of.

Every day, thoughts fly at us. 
I watch how quickly batters must decide  
how to handle 100 mph pitches flying at them. 
They practice that over and over. 
They figure out what’s not working,
 making adjustments to get it right.

Often my thoughts come at me like that. 
Just this morning, not awake all that long,
I identified a battle with discouragement, 
comparison, and disappointment. 
Not big battles. Just a thought or two 
that flew in to greet the day. 
I realized I needed to do some adjusting. 
It comes down to fixing our thoughts on 
things that are true, beautiful, gracious. 
These are not our go-to thoughts, 
so we have to practice. Over and over. 
There's change-ups and curve balls.
We have to identify what's coming.
And make adjustments.

Our health depends on handling 
speeding fast thoughts. 
We have to practice like it matters-- 
because it really does.
My health recently took a hit, and
I'm convinced it was partially because I allowed
my thoughts to drive fear for many years.

The Holy Spirit holds this sign up every day.
“Keep out. Drainage Ditch."
I am trying to hear in yellow that I might
choose wisely from here on out.
His mercies are able to make all things new.

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