Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Breathing Prayer

"There are days, or nights,or long stretches 
of weeks or months or even years,
when breathing is the only prayer we’ve got.”
Deidra Riggs, A Holy Experience

I wish I hadn’t needed to write this
down the minute I read it.
It would have meant that it didn't
resonate with every part of me.
But it did and I did.

I used to know that there were
long stretches of days, even weeks
that required deep breathing.
But recently I have come to realize that
those stretches can become years.
And even more recently,
I am okay with that.

I used to feel guilty that I am still
in the midst of a breathing season.
When moving through challenging seasons,
part of you keeps insisting that you
move on and get over it.
And you have to do both to move forward.
But that’s not the whole point.

Sometimes God is engineering changes
in our DNA that requires time and trust.
All we can do is surrender to the season
and breathe our way through transition.
However long that takes.
He works in my darkness and in my silence
to bring His great light and peace.
He is changing me in the deepest places, 
and breathing deeply is my surrender
to all He is doing.

I echo the prayer and declaration in one of 
the greatest worship songs ever written:

Let me breathe the air of heaven.
I will live this life through Your eyes.
When I come I won't be a stranger,
for You have kept my life
in the way of the Lord.
"Air of Heaven," Jay Hallstrom

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