Thursday, September 3, 2015

This Sniper Sneaky Life

Life can be sniper sneaky. 
Sometimes the pace of events runs
faster than we can process it all.
One thing hits us without warning;
another follows closely behind.

These don’t have to be big events
to affect us in a big way.
It is likely just regular old routine life
happening faster than we can keep up.
Maybe it was some unsettling news;
or we just saw a picture perfect post
on a less than picture perfect day.
Maybe our radically changed routine life
has left us feeling empty,
or we are feeling the effects of
someone else’s radical change.
Maybe someone let us down.
Maybe Jupiter aligned with Mars:
we have no clue why we’re struggling.
But it’s still real.

Here’s the “no choice” fact:
our thoughts will affect us today.
We have to identify our thoughts and
unhook them from any regrets of yesterday, 
any fears for the future, or 
any tentativeness this day holds. 

“It would be best if you would fill
your minds…with the best not the worst."
Fixing our thoughts on the positive
is our protection again this
sniper sneaky life.
It's critical we don't let them just
keep rolling in.
Reminding myself and all who need it:
Good vibes and positive thoughts only.
What we think really does matter.

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