Monday, September 28, 2015

More Time Than We Thought

About two years ago, I wrote a post
about a season of tearing down,
a tearing down that needed to happen,
but one that would effect so many things
that I had invested my life in for many years.
I wrote that tearing down takes time.
Today, almost two years later, I am somewhat 
in disbelief that the process is still not over.

And in addition to things still in tear down,
other things have simply been in transition.
Change, like growth, happens slowly--
until one day we see that
everything looks different.

Tear downs and transitions can make us
feel disoriented because what we have
always known is no longer the same.
Whether its a change in our community,
relationships, family, health, or finances,
it takes time to allow new forms to emerge.
Regeneration is a slow process.

I compare my two years to Josephs ten,
and I cant fathom what he went through.
And God used it all for Joseph's good.
My focus has to be locked on Gods goodness.
What I choose to focus on is 
the most important decision I make
every single day.

Through tearing down and building up, 
through familiar and transition seasons,
He is always good.
This hope is the anchor for our souls,
keeping us safe even when 
the waves are tossing us back and forth.
We who have run for our very lives to God
have every reason to grab the promised hope
with both hands and never let go.
Hebrews 6:18 

There are many things we need to let go
as we move through change and transition.
Every day I need to make sure
I never confuse the things I hold onto
and the things I let go.
This promised hope that God gives
is one we grab on to for dear life.
What are my hands holding onto

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