Thursday, August 20, 2015

The UP Perspective

It only takes a moment to change perspective.
Sitting on the plane, we see the tarmac 
and the gates and the baggage handlers.
In minutes, we see the entire city and
the lake, mountains, and bridges.
I love how things becomes smaller
as my picture becomes bigger.
If only we could climb in an airplane
every time we needed to see differently.
There are days the tarmac is all I can see.
Or that thing that seems so big.

One day while out with my daughter,
she took a picture of me at a coffee shop. 
When I looked at the picture, I was like,
"Can you make me smaller????"
It was so close up and I was larger than life.
Well, not with this lens, she informed me.

And that’s how I feel when a problem is
bigger than life, taking my entire field of view.
God reminds me that I can't change it
with the lens I have on.
I need the wide-angle lens, the view from up, 
where everything gets a better perspective.
His perspective. 

Don’t shuffle along, eyes to the ground, 
absorbed with things right in front of you. 
Look up...and see things from His perspective.
Colossians 3:1-2

I need to remind myself to stop looking down,
absorbed with things right in front of me.
That lens is designed to make things look
bigger than they really are, 
bigger than the grace available.
Time to switch out the lens.
The wide-angle perspective of UP 
is so much better.

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