Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Looking Forward To It

“But this one thing I do:
forgetting what’s behind me,
and looking forward to 
what lies ahead…" 
Phil 3

This life is composed of 
all that's behind us, all that we're in, 
and all that lies ahead.
A trinity of tension keeps those in order.

The farther we walk down this road, 
the more time we can spend 
on “what lies behind."
There's a lot of stuff back there.
Every fiber of our being is attached to it,
but it's all changing and we don't always
know what we're supposed to do with it.
We can feel stuck in the present
because all we know is what is behind.
And what lies ahead is fuzzy at best.
We need more than inspiration 
on Instagram or quotes on Pinterest.
We need grace and prayer,
and declarations of His faithfulness 
etched onto our hearts 
so we can look forward again--
and actually look forward to it.
So that the tension between past, 
present, and future is rightly ordered.
Paul declares in Romans 5:
"There’s more to come!"

Every change presents a message:
we are alive and have a chance to grow.
With gratitude and expectation,
I have been learning to embrace what’s next
and have it written on my heart that I am 
“looking forward to all that lies ahead."
Every great adventure begins there.

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