Thursday, August 6, 2015

Beyond Our Lens

The story of redemption is always bigger 
than the scene we are currently watching.
It may look it's all crumbling around us, 
like everything we were hoping
for just isn’t going to happen.
We can get pretty focused on
what's inside our frame.
And lose sight of what's happening 
just beyond our understanding.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. 
Never lean on your understanding. ~Prov 3:5
Our mind is a beautiful thing.
But it doesn’t see the big picture.
Many things happen just beyond its lens.
The problem is that I'm usually trying
to figure out "that thing,"
the thing I've been wrestling with.
But often He is doing something 
outside the scope of my lens.
Oh, doubting and distressed heart,
this is not a good time for you to
lean on what you think you know. 

The good news for me is that
I don’t know very much these days.
God has been stripping me of all
that has not been anchored in
His supreme goodness and grace
so that trust would be my strength--
even against all I think I know.

God's stories always end in redemption.
Sometimes we need to switch out 
our telephoto for the wide angle,
and go beyond understanding to the place
of complete trust in His ability to redeem.
Our hearts must inform our minds
that trust is the order of the day.
Every single day. 

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