Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Incubating Pause

"Learn to pause . . . or nothing worthwhile 
will ever catch up to you."  ~Doug King 

There are many kinds of life pauses:
catching our breath pauses,
time out pauses, getting out of town pauses,
locking yourself in the bathroom pauses.
Often we take them because we can’t 
take another breath otherwise.

But there is another type of pause 
that isn’t a response to pressure.
It is a response to change.
It is the "stop your life" pause that
comes because life has been interrupted.
It usually involves loss:
relationship, health, career,
home, status, sense of belonging. 
Any of these can make us feel like our
entire life has been put on pause.

Depending on the magnitude of loss,
it can take a while to adjust.
We can feel angry, alone, sad, invisible.
But as time goes on, we begin to see
this pause as an incubation--
no perceptible outward signs but
new growth being developed within.

These pauses, filled with emotion, try to
convince us that loss has the final word.
But God's love for us, which attaches hope 
to our future, assures us that our incubation
is preparing a new beginning. 
New beginnings are always designed to
expand our understanding of God,
His beauty and His love for us.
"Your beauty and love chase 
after me every day of my life.” Psalm 23:6

Sometimes they need to catch us.

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