Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Gift of a Friend

There are no greater gifts than friends who 
walk with us until new worlds and visions
and possibilities are born in us. 
~Ann Voscamp

I am realizing more every day 
the value we have in the gift our friends.
There are twists and turns on this journey
and often we find ourselves lost and 
disoriented, and maybe we feel alone.

And a friend comes along and says,
“I’ll stand with you."
Maybe they face similar circumstances
or maybe they just want to stand next to us--
in that space that feels empty--
until we have a little more strength 
to stand alone again.

Recently a huge twist on a familiar road 
challenged many of us who had 
walked together for years.
But friendships built along the way
sustained us through challenging days.
I know that the kindness and love of
these friends helped me remain standing 
on some of the hardest days.

It's come through a text, a cup of coffee,
a hair appointment, a bunch of flowers,
an overnight welcome, a glass of wine,  
a prayer, a chat on the sofa, a walk,
a gathering around the table.
There are many ways of friendship in Christ.
For all who have walked with someone
as a friend, you are valued. 
You are a gift. You are an expression 
of the love and kindness of God.
Perhaps you are the reason that someone 
is able to move forward, secure and
confident that God has a future full of hope.
When we invest in a friend,
 we make an eternal investment.

May each one of us aspire to be
that kind of friend.
We all have lives that matter.
Let’s give them away where ever we see
someone who could the gift of friendship.

Love each other in the same way
I have loved you.
John 15:12

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