Tuesday, June 23, 2015

To Give Us Hope

"To love anyone is to hope in him always...
Madeline L'Engle,
Christian love always decrees hope:
the impossible is always possible.
"What is impossible for people
is possible with God."
What great love God has for us that
His plans for us always include hope.

His plans for us are good and
they are to give us hope.  Jer 29
Most of us believe this verse to be true.
But is it true now? For whatever I’m facing?
For whatever that person is facing?
I have to read this verse as a living word. 
His great love for us always includes hope,
today, in every circumstance we face.

We must never lose hope,
for ourselves or for others.
People are desperate to have hope today.
We have the ability, through Christ, to speak
to things that aren’t as though they were.
To love others is to give them hope.

Only faith, hope and love remain.
When we leave a room, a job, a problem,
a conversation, a friend...
does hope remain?
Hope is a great expression of our love--
for God, others and ourselves.
His plans are to give us all hope.
His love requires we give it to others.

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