Friday, June 5, 2015


The waters that wash our feet on the shore
are the same that dwell in the depths of the sea.

Being the same in the depths and on the shores,
within and without.
Integrity asks us to be the same person 
where ever we may be.
Our culture is losing the vocabulary to express
this union with our inside and outside lives.
It does, however, have a word to express when  
integrity is missing; the word is “hypocrisy."
And hypocrisy is noticed most in the context of religion,
where practicing and preaching often seem at odds.

Recently the story surfaced about a reality TV family
that preached about behavior they believed wrong.
They had lots of rules and regulations which gave
them an image of a “perfect" Christian family.
But some wrong in their own lives was uncovered
and, once again, Christians look bad.

Many have said this is about forgiveness,
and that his repentance should settle the issue.
But it is not a forgiveness issue.
It is an integrity issue.
You can’t yell at a culture for missing your point
when they don't get your point.
They only know what they see.
And they see hypocrisy:
the perfect family is not really so perfect.

I pray for them, the children, and all affected.
It is becoming more ugly everyday.
But above all, I look to my own heart
and ask for mercy and grace--
that I might be true to His life in me.

"Our Father is kind; you be kind.
It's who you are, not what you 
say and do, that counts. 
Your true being brims over 
into true words and deeds." Luke 6

To remain true in our very being--
both the depths and the shores--
our desire to please Him must be greater
than our desire to please ourselves.
The greatest struggle of every day.

It matters.

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