Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Giving Peace a Chance

I am waiting for the Lord to help me.
I trust what He says. -Psalm 130:5

Racing thoughts make a difficult target.
I have many today that need to change,
but they have been hard to grab hold of
I usually try to practice
"fixing my thoughts" because I am a 
big believer in positive thoughts only.
Today, however, they are running wild 
and I'm tired of chasing them. 

Discouragement can sneak in 
when we get weary.
Today, He clearly spoke to me:
"Don’t be discouraged...
the battle is not yours. 
Stand still and watch. I am with you."

He encouraged me to find peace
while He fights on my behalf.
I have been tempted any number of times
to get up and chase again; 
He keeps reminding me to be still.
So, I am making stillness my position.
There is so much power in peace.
As I walked to the hotel after writing this, 
I went into the gift shop.
A handcrafted sign was on their sofa.
It said, “Give peace a chance."

God meets us where we are at
and reminds us He is with us.
"I am the God of peace and will soon 
crush your adversary under your feet.
My grace is with you."

For anyone sensing discouragement
trying to creep in, remember
 the great power we have in peace. 

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