Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Rest of Stillness

"Just as dew never falls on a stormy night,
the dew of His presence and grace
never covers a restless soul."
A.B. Simpson

Truth is so expansive.
Although we know truth at certain levels,
we constantly find we need to know it more.
Rest is one of those truths.
I keep needing to know it more deeply.

The rest in God is the Selah in the midst of life.
The Selah, the pause, is sometimes
more powerful than life itself.
It is the center of the fastest moving
wheel where there is no movement at all.

If I can't quiet myself to hear His voice,
if I don't gain any new revelation--
then I have nothing new to make a demand upon.
I have nothing which goes beyond
my ability and strength.

But new revelation brings 
greater responsibility of stewardship and 
greater understanding of our own weakness.
It requires that Christ be formed in us anew.
It requires us to “be still that we might
know He is God." 
His voice of wisdom, comfort, and
tenderness gives strength to our soul.
He wants to give us something which
goes beyond our own ability.
Oh that I would become stiller even now
that I might hear.

"The dew of His presence and grace
covers a soul that has found its rest in Him."

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