Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Right Side of the Bed

Rejoice always, pray constantly, 
give thanks in everything...
1 Thessalonians 5:17-18

Does it have to say "always, 
constantly and in everything?"
I would more prefer: "whenever possible, 
whenever there is something you can
be grateful for, when you wake up on
the right side of the bed."
Because then, I could justify this
attitude I am struggling with this morning.
He doesn’t ask for us to give thanks
for His sake, but rather for our own.
It’s our umbrella of protection.
Some days I feel perfectly justified in
an off attitude. And maybe I am.
But God knows how we are made.
Our attitudes affect us at a cellular level
because our bodies respond more to 
our thoughts than our “reality."
That’s why the Bible warns us, 
“As we think in our hearts, so we are."

So, no matter what. Always.
Constantly. In everything.
When we're anxious or down in the “now"
moments of life, it can go further than it should.
Left unchecked, one thought at a time
can be a dangerous progression.

So this morning, I tell my off-attitude 
that it has run its course.
I narrow my focus to now
and turn to prayer and giving thanks.
There is an infinite amount of grace for now.
Whatever side of bed I get out of, 
it is the right side.
“Your ears will hear sweet words behind you:
Go this way. There is your path. Whether you
'get up on the right or on the left.’"

His mercy, grace, love, and goodness
are on both sides of wherever I am at--
and for that, I can be constantly thankful.

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