Friday, May 1, 2015

In the Tension

Tension.  We live so much life in it.
Smack dab in the tension between:
who I am and who I want to be
planning the future and living the present
my doing and my being
bound by my past and hope for my future
taking responsibility and trusting process.
Living in the paradox.

Although the word “tension” can be negative,
the concept of tension is very positive.
Turning up the tension on an elliptical allows us
to work harder and increase strength.
Adjusting the tension on the guitar string
produces a better sound.
Suspension bridges depend on tension for stability.
Tension is a state of being stretched,
helping us to grow, become strong, and be stable.
Evidence of maturity comes when we 
are finally at peace with the tension,
knowing we don’t have to decide between.

It’s not about the either/or choice.
But neither is it just about holding two
seemingly opposite things at once.
It’s about holding both and see one.
I can't have weak days and strong days.
I used to think that way and hated the "weak days." my weakness, I find my (His) strength.
I'm beginning to embrace both.

His abundant grace comes to help us all
embrace the tension, welcome the stretching,
and find His peace.
He finds paradox perfectly logical.
He is helping me align my thoughts 
to be more like His.

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  1. This got me thinking about all the positive ways tension plays its role in my life. This helped me to embrace the assurance that God is working in my life with the very tools of tension, tools that He's very adept at weilding ;>) It caused me to start visualizing what this world, or my life, would look like without "tension". Even in sewing, "tension" is crucial in keeping stitches consistent. I laughed when I remembered the attempts I made at knitting when I was inexperienced at keeping the proper "tension"; leaving big, gaping stitches in some areas and tight, distorted stitches in other areas. Needless to say, it wasn't fit for wearing :/ I'm glad God knows just the right amount of "tension" to work with in our lives that He may clothe and cover us with dignity and hope; perfecting our character in Him!!