Friday, April 17, 2015

Standing in the Eye

We can dance in a hurricane.
Only if we’re standing in the eye. 
~Brandi Carlile

Let’s face it.
Sometimes the storm is not going 
anywhere for a while.
Call it a time of transition, trial, or change.
We may even be moving forward, but
getting all the way through sometimes take time.
We get frustrated by how long it's all taking,
but time is what is needed to change us. 
Sometimes it feels like our very DNA 
needs to be changed.
It takes time to be renewed.

I am haunted, in the best of ways,
by the words “Be still” in the midst of it all.
Racing thoughts, be still.
Scurrying mind, be still.
Swirling emotions, be still.
And know. Really know.
Know He is God.
Know He is in control.
Know He is good.
The eye of the storm is the still place--
where we are not battered.
where we are not tossed around.
where we are not moved by the winds.
We choose to focus on the peace,
willfully ignoring all the noise and gusts.
He IS the eye of the storm.

Be still and know...

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  1. Ive been listening to this over and over and you are being still, Miss Kathy, may you be blessed and set at peace remembering who He is...
    Eric Ludy - He is: