Sunday, April 26, 2015

One Arm Upward

“Two are better than one, 
for they help each other succeed.
If one falls, the other can reach out and help.” 
~Ecc 4:10

Much has been written about “falling forward--”
because falling is inevitable and 
backwards is not the direction we are going.
But maybe equally important is that we are
willing to extend "one arm upward” when we fall.

This life isn’t about how independent we are
or how we bounce up from being down.
It's about how connected we are to those
waiting to help us when that happens.
When we become intimately acquainted with
our limitations, we can value the strength in others,
especially those we have linked arms with.
This past transition year has helped me
value the priceless gift I have in relationships--
even when important relationships transitioned too.
We have all been there, when the pain shouts,
“It’s just not worth it!"
But pain can rob us if we're not careful.
We can decide relationships are too risky
and walk away with our wounding.
Only as we allow the Lord to heal us from hurts
are we able to trust relationally once again.
And it’s critical that we do.

When we receive strength from 
those around us, we are better able 
to love, serve, and encourage others—
those in our community and 
the stranger we meet along the way.

Most days, I can walk with one arm extended,
looking to give a hand to those in need.
But on those days when I fall, 
I will aim to fall forward,
one arm upward that I might get up again.
In this way, we “help each other succeed."
A beautiful, even when imperfect, exchange.

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