Monday, March 23, 2015

I'm Changing My Mind

If it doesn’t look like spring or feel like spring…
does that mean it can’t be spring?
The weather in much of the country 

feels more like winter; 
the arrival of spring is a good opportunity 
to remind ourselves that sometimes  
we have to think greater than we feel.

Feelings make us alive; 
they also get us in trouble.
Studies have shown that 90% 

of our thoughts are the same 
as we had the day before.
We don’t wake up thinking,
"Hey, I think I’ll just go with yesterday."
Our minds have been programmed to think
in patterns that get reinforced by continual use.
If we don’t stop and look at our thoughts,
we wind up thinking the same, acting the same
and thus feeling the same all over again.
Vicious cycle.
Whenever we make our brain think differently,
we are literally changing our mind.
On any given day, I could “feel” any number
of negative thoughts about myself.
When I stop to ask why I feel that way,
I have the power to change that thought.
The Bible tell us over and over 

to change our thinking.
Our thoughts matter.

His mercies are new every morning.
Yesterday's thoughts don’t need to
be pulled into today’s feelings.
We are encouraged to think upon things that
are excellent, praiseworthy, lovely and true.
That just might require 

thinking greater than we feel.

To make new choices, act differently and
create a tomorrow not based on yesterday,
I need to think new--as in “renew” my mind.
No matter what I feel, the trillium and the calendar
remind me that it really is spring.
Why are you so downcast my soul?
Because you "feel" that way.
I am going to help us think our way
out of that feeling.
I have an opportunity to change my mind.
And that changes everything.

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