Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When Transition is Over

One thing about being in the
transition stage of the birthing process:
you know when it’s over.
There is a baby as proof that
you have come through that trial.
It is your great reward.
 Transitioning through life 
isn’t always as clear. 

Sometimes we choose life transitions
and sometimes they choose us.
Transitions are marked by change--
and the ones that choose us often
involve some sort of trial and maybe pain.
Whether we choose the change or not,
when it is time for switching seasons,
there is no choice involved in transitioning.
We need to be still, focus, and breathe,
allowing that difficult stage to have its way.
The tricky part is discerning when
the transition is over.

Our natural tendency is to anticipate
something ahead based on what was behind.
But sometimes our past experience
isn't able to interpret our present reality.
Wisdom is about responding with 
discernment to what God is doing now.
Transitions are a bridge to cross us over
from one thing to the next, 
from an old form to a new one.
They are about letting some things die,
and letting other things be transformed.
They are not meant to last forever.

For many, this next season is a season of rest--
not the rest which is always our portion,
but a season where we can’t war 
for what He wants to do in our lives. 
In these kinds of seasons,
 grace overtakes us and we know that 
we can do nothing but receive.

With it comes a deep sense of humility--
none of this will originate with us.
Not that it ever really does,
but sometimes the weapons of our warfare
are more active and we co-labor differently.
This is a season of coming to Him,
not only in trust but also in anticipation.
It is time to let Him build back up.

There is a reward at the end of transition.
For those of us who have been involved in 
a long transition season, 
it is time to trust and anticipate.
He has for us a great reward.

Don't throw away your confident trust.
It brings you a great reward.
Hebrews 10:35

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