Monday, February 9, 2015

Because Now Matters

The other day, Dave and I took the dog for a walk.
It was not particularly warm, definitely not sunny.
But we were outdoors and the trail was peaceful.
After about an hour, I began to think about 
what I had to do, grocery shopping, cleaning projects.
I looked at Eli, busy sniffing along the trail and
said to Dave, “I wonder if he thinks about how long
he’s been gone and when we'll get home.”
Dave said, “I think he’s thinking about that one smell,
the moment he’s in right now.”

At that moment I realized how far away
I was from that moment.
“Give your entire attention to what 
God is doing right now.” ~ Matthew 6:34
I am becoming more aware of how much time 
I spend thinking about tomorrow.
I'm talking about the projecting 
I do every day without thinking.
I've gotten better at letting go of the past,
but I want to get better at letting go of all the
demands and fears that the future holds.
So often I have gotten myself worked up
and have had to tell myself to breathe.
When we get worked up about the future,
it really does get hard to breathe.
The Bible talks about Daniel having difficulty
breathing as he had a vision for the future.
“My strength is gone, and I can hardly breathe.”
I believe there can be an inability to breathe
when we look ahead as well.
Something happens at the cellular level
when we stop and take a deep breath.

When I'm not living in the moment,
I have to stop and focus my mind.
Think about what is true and lovely right now!
I breathe in thoughts that agree with
God’s goodness, mercy, and faithfulness.
I breathe out thoughts that don’t agree.
The longer I stop and breathe deeply of His grace,
releasing breath rooted in my own speculation,
the more I find the joy and peace that
this present moment holds.

Give your entire attention to what 
God is doing right NOW.

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