Thursday, January 15, 2015

He Speaks through the Sunrise

God’s love is seen 
each time the sun rises.

Yesterday I responded wrong, thought wrong, 
spoke wrong a couple different times. 
And by a couple, I mean a lot.
They weren’t huge blow-ups, or
exchanges I could even recount today.
I just know there were times that I 
didn’t respond with the kindness of Christ, 
didn’t think thoughts that were true,
didn’t speak words that encouraged and lifted up.
Maybe no one even noticed but me.
If we analyzed each time that 
we didn’t accurately represent Christ, 
well, we would lose count early on in the day.
But, this morning the sun rose, 
and I heard God say to me,
Guess what? You all get another chance.
Because I am not about perfect.
I am about forgiveness.
I am about love.

Every day we have an opportunity
to engage in a new way of
thinking, responding, speaking…living.
We do not just wake up with a brain
that is "left over from yesterday."
Research suggests that while we sleep, 
new nerve cells are birthed in our brains.
Each morning brings us a new capacity
to think differently.
His mercies truly are new--every morning.
Today I want to think thoughts 
that are helpful, lovely and excellent.
I want to respond out of love,
with kindness, gentleness and compassion.
I want to speak words that encourage and build up.
I want to be about love.
His love is speaking so loudly these days.
He is not negating everything else;
He is just wanting His people to remember
that love is the greatest of these.
Every sunrise speaks of His great love
and His desire to draw us to Himself again.

I see Your face in every sunrise.
The colors of the morning are inside of Your eyes.
The world awakens in the light of the day
I look up to the sky and say,
You’re beautiful.
Phil Wickham

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