Friday, December 5, 2014

Reaping and Keeping

To everything there is a season and 
a time for every purpose under heaven.

There are times when physical and 
spiritual seasons are in perfect alignment.
And it feels like everything around is teaching you
and everything confirms what you are experiencing.

This autumn season has certainly mirrored
the spiritual season my heart is in.
The leaves began turning color,
signaling the transitioning out of
a long season of sowing and growing.
But as the leaves have turned and fallen,
and the weather has turned cold and rainy,
it's been hard not to look at all that's died back.

But that is also the inherent danger when
spiritual and physical seasons align.
Jesus has reminded me that although
I experience these seasons sequentially,
He holds them all simultaneously.
The various seasons allow us to focus on
what might be going on around us.
But we can’t get defined by a season either.
In this fall season, I can acknowledge that 
things are dark, and damp and dying.
But my expectations have to be framed by
His goodness to lead me into life everyday.

He reminds me that autumn is multi-faceted.
It is about reaping what was sown.
It is about giving thanks for what we have.
It is about sitting still during long dark nights.
The darkness pushes our borders in,
asking us to be more still than busy.
Stillness can make busy people uneasy.

When we are still, we can see that autumn
 is also about things that are gained.
Sometimes we can only grow when
we are forced to sit down and let go.
But letting go isn’t the final word.
Autumn is a time to reap what we've sown.
And what we reap, we get to keep.
It is easy to identify the meager fruit
of all our shortcomings.
Maybe we sowed fear and reaped some anxiety.
Maybe it was negativity and we reaped doubt.
But Jesus is asking us to take some 
fruit from the sowing we have done right.
"Put peace into your basket," He tells me,
"because there were times you sowed peace
when you thought none could be found.
And kindness too. And love. And faithfulness.
There were times you chose to sow into those
and you get to reap and keep 
the fruit from those choices.”

This is the real story of autumn,
the season of reaping and thanksgiving.
So I will learn what I can from all
that is taking place around me.
But I won’t let it be the final word.
Jesus is the beginning and the end,
the Alpha and the Omega,
the autumn and the spring.
Though the days are long and dark,
and everything looks like it has died back,
I am going to take my gathering basket
and do some reaping.
And what I reap,
I get to keep.
To everything there is a season...

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  1. Reaping and keeping....well said!! Thank you for once again communicating the heart of the season so well. Xo