Friday, November 7, 2014

On the Bridge

Whether a small foot bridge in Mindowaskin Park NJ, 
or the Golden Gate in San Francisco, 
bridges provide the means 
to get to another side--
from where ever we currently stand  
to a place we are going. 
Sometimes our crossings are small,
and we hardly give a thought to getting over.
Other times they are suspension size,
requiring that we both suspend our doubt 
and stretch forth our faith.
Regardless of the size, 
bridges require trust that on the other side
we will find solid ground for our journey--
whether we can see it or not.
By definition, bridges must include obstacles.
There must be something in our way.
Bridges are built to get across an obstacle,
to get to another piece of solid ground.
Sometimes it means walking over to the "there" 
but "not yet known" part of a journey.

There are times we have to stop and ask:
Am I standing on one side of an obstacle,
waiting for the faith to cross over?
Am I actually on the bridge suspended
between here and there?
This is a transition season for me,
and it has been helpful to recognize
that I have been walking on a bridge to "there."
And even though I am not sure of "there,"
I am confident of "Who."

God required Abraham to leave the familiar
and follow Him to a country
 that He would show him "later."
God doesn't always give all the information
we need during the journey.
But He always gives us grace.
He always gives us Himself.

At this season of crossing over,
I must remember that I am being led.
On this bridge to solid ground,
there is grace to believe that my faith
is strong enough to cross all the way.
I deal with doubt and negative thoughts
by pointing back to the side I just left.
You cannot come with me on this journey.

I continue walking, 
trusting that He is with me.
“In the same way I was with Moses, 
I’ll be with you. I won’t give up on you;
I won’t leave you.”
Joshua 1:5
For right now, that is all
the assurance I need.


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