Sunday, November 9, 2014

God With Me

“Recognize that God is with you.
Acknowledge God knows what He's doing.”
Brennan Manning

When God announced that His Son
would be called Immanuel,
He was announcing the most
important attribute of His being.
He was defining the incarnated Christ
as “God with us.”
God would be with us in it all—
our joy, our sorrow, our pain, our everyday life.
He would be the One walking in us and through us,
but most importantly, He would be 
the One walking with us.

No matter what we’re going through,
our truest friends are the ones who say,
I want you to know I’m with you.
We don’t care if they understand all we feel
and we don’t care if they can’t fix us.
We care that they are willing to stand with us,
even when there are no words and no solutions.
Especially then.

Jesus is moved by what moves us and fully
participates with us in all that makes us human.
He is God with us.
When life gets challenging and
we feel like maybe we are alone after all,
we have to hold on with all we have to
“God is with us.”

It wouid be good enough if 
all we had were Scriptural promises.
But we have even more.
We have His name.
It's as if God shouted into the universe,
“My people! My Son is coming to live with you.
His name will be God-with-you.
This is the greatest news I could ever give you.”
He has invited us into this new relationship,
to live not out of our old fears and strivings,
but out of grace, mercy and compassion—
out of Christ, who gave Himself
that we might live.
In Him and through Him.
And with Him.

I need to declare "God is with me"
every minute of every day.
It keeps me grounded and true.
Authentic and vulnerable.
At the end of the day, it comes down to
I am His and He is always with me.

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