Sunday, October 26, 2014

Healthy Competition

The winds of life seem to have one goal:
to make us unsteady and unsettled,
quivering as we walk.
Faith also has a goal:
to keep us resolute and constant,
standing strong in the midst of the swirl.

It continually amazes me how often
I can be thrown off my path.
Real winds out there can hit us hard—
health, relationships, finances, loss, suffering, 
stuff that happens just moving through 
the passages of time.
And, as if life doesn’t have enough of its own,
we can create more through imaginings.
A cartoon depicts this humorously:
“When I text my mom and 
she doesn’t text back,
it’s no big deal.
But when she texts me and 
I don’t text back,
it’s because I’m dead.”
It's only funny because at least 
"one of us"has had that same thought:)

Having a strategy for swirling thoughts
is the only way to take control of them.
I have decided that, 
since I am competitive by nature,
I will introduce some healthy competition.
No more unopposed winners.
A different thought must be put in the ring,
because I can’t think about two things at once.
So, I came up with a couple worthy opponents
to take on thoughts that are not "helpful.".
I find something beautiful to look at and
remind myself how much beauty is all around.
I have mentally listed instances of God’s goodness 
to me and remind myself of His crazy faithfulness.
I speak aloud Psalm 91:16, 
“With a long life You will satisfy me 
and show me Your salvation.” 
I remind myself that He wants to fully
satisfy my needs and save me every day. 

His wants to make us steady,
strengthened by His might and power,
to withstand the winds that shake us.

For now, I have three strong competitors 
to throw in the swirling thought ring.
They are postured to win.
I want to walk resolute and constant,
saying continually through each day:
"He steadied me as I walked along..."

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