Friday, October 3, 2014

Gazing at the Stars

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was
teaching conferences, chapels and classes.
My life was about how God broke through
a wandering heart and made it whole,
made it His.
I was full-on busy as a wife, mother of five, 
trainer, leader in the church and school.
Some things were done out of rest and
some were done out of striving--
some trying to please God,
but maybe some trying to please people.
It isn’t always easy to separate
when you’re in the middle of busy.

God will often allow a crisis of sorts
to slow us down and help us see more clearly.
Circumstances that are out of our control
suddenly change much of what we have known.
It can get dark for a while and we are aware 
that striving and pleasing people
aren’t even in the range of possibility. 
In these seasons of darkness,
we only care that the Lord is with us.

On a recent vacation at a lake,
away from the light pollution of the city,
the darkness clearly revealed the stars.
Though these stars are always there,
the city lights just make them hard to see.
We have to remember sometimes
things aren’t always clearly visible.
This change of season has felt a bit 
like the night at the lake--dark and quiet.
As I sat by the lake that night,
there was a sense of holiness in the darkness.
As challenging as this season has been,
this enveloping darkness is becoming 
more and more holy.

As He did with Abraham, 
He has been doing with me. 
He has taken me to dark and quiet shores
and pointed my eyes toward the stars.

God is once again making me whole 
in new ways. He said to Abram:
"Look up into the sky and count the stars..."
In this reset season, my heart's cry is that
even when the city lights 
make them less visible,
I'll be found "counting stars."
And that, just maybe, I'll be able to 
help others count them too.


  1. Perfectly stated... I have been thinking a lot lately about the seemingly forced resets that the Lord gives us in order to enable us to hear Him - and to your point - see Him more clearly. Here's to not losing sight of the stars....

  2. Thank you Linda. We are both walking in "forced resets" and He is helping us see. Love you.