Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Beautiful Mind

This morning I woke up reminded of
the need to fix my thoughts.
I could tell we were not going in
a good direction. And it was early.
I turned my thoughts to the goodness of God.
Meditation and prayer help reorient thoughts.

At some point, "other thoughts"
began the fight for space.
I became aware of the day
and began to rehearse the situations.
Left to run its course, the mind is dangerous.
My spirit was fighting to remain at rest,
but my mind was fighting to remind me
that peace is reserved for times of prayer.
Real life has issues and we must do our part.
A little fretting is what makes us human.

No, I reminded myself. 
A little fretting makes us fearful
and fear has nothing to do with God's love.
That one reminder did not last the day.
The media promotes global fear 
while we manage the homefront--
finances, health, relationships, children...

My little alarm system prompts me to
do a little fretting off and on, all day long.
I speak to my mind and tell it 
to go study the Word.
You need a lot more of Jesus,
I remind that prideful web of reason.

This is not the last time today that I will have to
choose between my spirit and my soul,
between the voice tethered to this world
and the Voice anchored to my Father.
I won the first battle of the day.
But that was during perfectly quiet time,
and the rest of this day doesn't look like that.
I have to think about my thoughts
and pay attention to their patterns.
I want to get better at calling them in.
Is this thought true?
Is it positive?
Is it helpful?

As I remember that He perfects
those things that concern me,
my trust in Him returns.
And with it, great peace.
He gave us all a beautiful mind;
we just need to point it the right direction.

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