Monday, July 28, 2014

Resting in the Paradox

"Today if you hear My voice..."

A year or so ago, I had been out for a run.
It was the middle of the afternoon, and it was hot.
I was on the last stretch of the run, 
going up the last, long hill before heading home.
Whenever i am really dragging, I run to the
second driveway up the hill and then walk a bit.
I had come to the first driveway and thought, 
"It's a driveway. Good enough."
The Lord said to me, 
"That is not the second driveway."
Oh dear. 

I knew we were talking principle here;
I put my head down and kept running.
I had been in the middle of a challenging situation,
and I had wanted to quit.
He reminded me that I couldn't stop 
when it looked good enough.
Like the first driveway.

Yesterday, I was running that same course
and it was another hot day.
I hadn't even gotten to the first driveway
and the Lord said to me, 
"You can stop if you want, you know."
Really? It didn't occur to me to stop.
"If you get stuck in yesterday's voice,
you will miss today's word.
Today, if you hear my voice..."
Lord, is it about stopping or not stopping?
Getting to the second driveway or
not even reaching the first?
And He smiled and said, "YES!
It is both and one and neither.
It is about hearing My voice for this moment.
You could just keep running, 
like I asked you to do once.
But today, I want to walk with you and
tell you that sometimes stopping 
is not quitting; it is listening."

Today, God is teaching me about paradox--
holding the truth of one thing
without building a monument around it.
Understanding that the seemingly opposite 
isn't always a contradiction.
He will use our everyday lives
to teach us if we let Him.
"Today, if you hear My voice..."

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