Thursday, June 12, 2014

Say What You Can

What do you say when 
you have nothing to say?
Like, nothing.
For almost two weeks, I have not been able 
to gather a cohesive thought.
At this season, I cannot force things.
Perhaps tomorrow it will be easier.
But today all I can say is 
this season has been challenging.
There has been some loss, some pain,
some death, some tears.
And there are days when all you know 
is that everything seems wrong.
And you know that you have to allow God
to lead you through this dark place.
Not necessarily because your faith is great,
but because your life depends on it.

Many are going through a change of season,
a time of transition, a twist in the narrative.
It feels a little like what 
the author of Lamentations described:
"He has led me into darkness, 
shutting out all light."
I really do trust Him.
But the questions can be haunting
and the lack of answers daunting.
I have heard Him say repeatedly,
"My mercy and grace are your guides.
Rest in Me. Rest in My love."

And I tried asking Him, For how long?
He interrupted my thinking immediately.
"Is eternity too long?
Because these transitions 
lead you to the next chapter.
And the one after that. And so on.
This is all part of the narrative, 
the great story being told
from My perspective.
Like the great mysteries, fables
and well-crafted pieces of literature,
your life is story with loss and gain,
sadness and joy, death and resurrection.
It is the story of My life working in you
that My Kingdom might be 
demonstrated on earth.
Because it is about Me.

The characters in a story face challenges
and obstacles that allow them to become
at the end more than they were at the start.
You are being re-created to hold more life.
I am the Author and Finisher of your faith,
and you are not finished.
My mercies are new every morning.
My faithfulness and My love never end.
Say what you can until
you can say more.
I've got you."

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