Monday, June 16, 2014

I Don't Know

Sometimes in the morning, 
I stumble across a Scripture, 
a Facebook quote, 
a Pinterest post,
and I'm filled with a nugget of wisdom,
a moment of inspiration, a smile.
 “We are all citizens of heaven.” Phil 3
Stop thinking low earth thoughts.
 "There is a crack in everything, 
it's how the light gets in." Leonard Cohen
Cracks can be beautiful.
 “It’s always disappointing when
a liar’s pants don’t actually catch on fire.”
Sometimes you just need to smile.

"There is a crack in everything, 
it's how the light gets in."
But that is one viewpoint, 
the one I can see in the morning 
when my mind is thinking clearly.
The other is that the thing is broken.
When we are at our most vulnerable,
often in the middle of our everyday life,
we are very aware of the crack—
the thing that feels wrong.
We used to have what seemed this 
perfectly good “thing,” and now it is broken.
It takes time to recover when things break
and get to the point where we can find 
something good about whatever is broken.
So, the Lord graciously gives us 
snippets of wisdom along the way.
“Don't dwell on earthly things.
As a citizen of heaven,
can you change how you see this?
Thinking from My perspective is better.”

So, I need to remember to ask “how?”
How does Your light want to come through
the broken things I find myself facing?
Even the broken places of my own life?
I am fighting for Your truth to come through
because everything in me wants to say
that cracked vessels sink and
I feel very much like a citizen of earth today.

He reminds me that His goodness 
and unfailing love pursue me every day 
and that He has a banqueting table
set up in the midst of my enemies.
I cling to those words like life preservers
and declare them to be Truth.
The lies of my enemy lose some power.
And I imagine that their little pants 
perhaps have just caught on fire.
Thank you, Pinterest.

I am beginning to see that, for me,
 "not knowing" is a crack 
that is letting light in.
And despite what we might 
have been told...
sometimes "I don't know" 
IS the answer.

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