Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yes, Jesus

We enter through faith into what 
God has always wanted for us. 
We throw open our doors to God and 
discover at the same moment that He 
has already thrown open His door to us. 
Romans 5

Back to basics, back to simplicity.
We are saved through faith alone,
simply a complete trust in Jesus.
When we falter, when we fail,
when we are proud, when we are frail,
when we doubt, when we don't understand--
we utter a cry, a wail, a whisper:
I trust You Jesus.
The longer we have known Him,
the more challenging it can be
to continually say that.
Because sometimes we come 
face to face with a seeming contradiction
in our well formulated theology.
So, we push our theology aside, again,
and place our trust in Him.
It is not fraught with emotion,
nor is it dependent on performance.
It is a complete trust in Him.

Day after day, if we can learn to say,
"Yes, Jesus," from the moment we wake up
to the time we close our eyes at night,
we loose the power of His resurrection
into our dying lives.
Some days I want Him to prove my theology,
to have Him give me evidence that shows 
my theory about Him "right."
God will allow our experience with Him
to challenge our theory about Him.
Because in the end, it is about 
our relationship with Him.
He will allow a storm to come, 
right after we think we know something
about living in peace--
and sometimes we can't quote
another Scripture or fall back on
something we received in the past.
Because His peace and our turmoil
are currently at odds with one another.
But, we can fix our gaze on Him and say,
Jesus, I trust You.
Today, in this moment, I trust You.
By faith, which is me placing 
my trust in You, I say,
Yes, Jesus.

That's all the theology I need right now.

PC: Picture taken by my friend, Jewel Somers,
from her front window in Australia.

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