Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Theology of Hope

"During the eclipse of God
the man of faith formulates
a theology of hope;
and he is able to wait creatively...
The presence which conceals itself
Is NOT an absence."
Samuel Terrein
The Elusive Presence

There are times we sense that there 
has been a "total eclipse of our God."
We have walked through seasons where
we have definitely felt the presence of God.
Even through times of challenge,
we could go to the secret place
and find Him there waiting.
But now, we can’t seem to find Him
in that same way--the way of presence.

And so we formulate a theology of hope
which allows us to wait while He works.
Because the presence which is
concealing itself is not an absence.
It is a presence which is going deep below
our suffering and our pain and our death
that He might buoy us up again.

"When you go through deep waters, 
I will be with you...
Do not be afraid, for I am with you.
You have been chosen to know me,
believe in me and understand
that I alone am God.
I will make a pathway
through the wilderness."
Isaiah 43
In deep waters, we are disoriented, 
overwhelmed, barely breathing.
He says to us, 
“Know this one thing: I am with you.
Understand that I am God and
I WILL make a way for you.”

Oh, the great torrents of amazing grace
that come from beneath the deep waters.
He is creating the balm that will heal
the deep wounds of our soul 
so that we may know Him,
not only as the One who walks with us,
but as the One who knows us, 
and will heal our every wound.

When we read that “Jesus wept,”
can we believe that He still weeps?
When Mary wept over her brother Lazarus,
Jesus wept with her.
He must have known that He would raise him,
but Mary was in pain and her pain became His.
“Don’t worry. Every little thing’s gonna
be alright” was not His answer to her.
Jesus wept.
And in our pain, He weeps with us.
Even though He knows that
He is making a way for us.

Jesus does not hide from us.
He hides in us and hides with us.
At times, we are in deep waters.
He is in even deeper still.
He is orchestrating torrents of grace 
 below us that He may lift us above and
place us on the pathway in our wilderness.
“Do not be afraid.
I am making a way for you.”
He is my theology of hope.

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